We believe that financial institutions have a role to play in creating better and more harmonious societies.

At Algbra, we believe that the principles of Islamic finance are principles that benefit everyone, regardless of creed and culture. We offer ethical finance and encourage a fairer banking relationship.

We also believe that institutions must act as upstanding members of their communities. That’s why we invest in young people through community organisations, champion the needs of diverse communities in thought leadership circles, and give back to our community.

This is beyond banking. This is Algbra.


Algbra is driven by the pursuit of a balanced world, delivered through empowering ethical financial services.

This starts with being human first and building an organisation that carries the values we want to see in each other. Transparency and clarity; fairness; excellence; community and growth.

We champion those values in everything that we do. Offering clear and transparent services, in a fair and excellent manner, whilst always conscious of our responsibility to grow our communities.

In doing so, we aspire for Algbra to be a constant celebration of all of the beautiful cultures at the heart of our global community.

Core Principles

We never hold your money in an unethical or high-risk manner
We consider the community impact of our services
We strive for excellence in our products, service and conduct
We act fairly and consciously as members of our community
We are always clear & up-front on any fees
We adopt a systematic approach to ethical finance