5 tips for a sustainable Valentine’s Day

8 February 2023

Love is strawberries, roses and romance. It’s red. But Valentine’s Day isn’t the greenest day imaginable. How do you have a sustainable Valentine’s Day and show your feelings without it costing the earth?

It won’t come as any surprise that unrecycled paper, shrink-wrapped chocolates and imported flowers aren’t the most environmentally friendly things you could treat your partner to on Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate each other on 14/2.

We’ve pulled together 5 eco-friendly ideas on how to have a sustainable Valentine’s Day. So why not give them a go this year to show your partner how much you love them (and the planet too).

Sustainable Valentine’s Day ideas

How Green is Valentine's Day?

1. Plant one on them

Is there anything more romantic than receiving a beautiful bouquet? But when most of those are grown overseas, they come with a thorn in their side. And while you could surprise your sweetheart with locally grown cut flowers this year, you have to remember they’re going to die sooner rather than later (unlike your love).

So, get them something that’ll last the distance, like a succulent, houseplant or, even better, a tree. It’ll help capture carbon – and remind them of you every time they water it.

2. Give them an experience they’ll never forget

Unlike a sweat-shop teddy bear, memories last forever. So spend the day doing something you wouldn’t normally. If they fancy themselves a culinary whizz, book a cookery class. If they think they’re hilarious, get them to put their funny where their mouth is at an improv session.

Whatever you land on, it’ll be a chance for you to bond, chat and maybe even learn something new. Like who the funny one actually is.

3. Cook up a storm. Of passion

While they may love that French bistro in town, what they’ll love even more is you going to the effort of making them their very favourite meal. From scratch. With local ingredients. Which you may or may not feel the need to drop into the conversation every five minutes.

Spend the evening cooking together, talking and laughing after you sauté something that should have been seared… (Pro tip: consider having the local takeaway’s menu to hand)

4. Think outside the box

If you buy a gift, it’s hard to avoid packaging. So why not show your love by making a donation to their favourite charity, contributing to a carbon offsetting programme or supporting a biodiversity project?

All in their name, of course.

5. Go traditional

If you think it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without hearts, cupids and kisses, you can still treat your partner to the staples without it being grounds for environmental divorce. As long as you do some research before splashing out.

  • Get a card that’s made from recycled (and recyclable) materials
  • Buy sustainable, zero-waste, fairtrade chocs
  • Find flowers that have been locally and ethically sourced

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