Algbra Values and Ethics

23 September 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of our comprehensive Values and Ethics Policy. These are uniquely grounded in the principles of ESG and Shariah-compliance. We are placing an equal weight on the Environmental and Social pillars of ESG and committing to tackle the gaps that exist between them toward a financial system that emphasises fairness, social welfare, and shared prosperity. 

We recognise the intersectionality of those local and global communities that, despite contributing the least to climate change, are often most affected by it. Such communities are also disproportionately benefiting the least from their financial services. It’s why, with a focus on underserved communities, we are leading a new movement of values and lifestyle-based banking that is defining the next evolution of financial services.

We are committed to undertaking a systemic approach to tackle issues that prevent the full economic and social progress of underserved communities, via our community partnerships focusing on the themes of arts, culture and sports. Such partnerships – fuelled by a commitment of 10% of all profits going to community efforts - have been prioritised in response to a historical lack of investment in these spaces, and to outline the importance of nurturing representation and excellence across society. It is also why we invest in youth leadership opportunities, to enable a new generation to go and create future enabling environments for change. 

Algbra Values

  • Balance & Equity 
  • Empowerment & Excellence 
  • Confidence & Inspiration 
  • Community & Connectivity 
  • Clear & Seamless 
  • Honesty & Transparency 
  • Responsibility & Accountability  
  • Respect & Appreciation  
  • Dedication & Facilitation

What makes our policy unique, is its compliance with both Environmental, Social and Governance standards, social impact best practices as well as Shariah standards. These standards reflect our mission of building an inclusive financial system that emphasises fairness, social welfare, and shared prosperity. We are taking a ‘whole-organisation’ approach meaning this policy will cover not only our Governance but also our employees and workplace as well as our entire supply chain and partners. 

The full policy will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

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