Algbra Announces Partnership with the Patchwork Foundation

19 May 2021

Algbra has today formally announced its support for the Patchwork Foundation’s 10-month Masterclass programme; equipping 24 young people from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds each year with the skills and confidence to actively participate in democracy and civil society and inspire careers in government and the public sector.

The Patchwork Foundation’s primary focus is to promote and encourage the active participation of underrepresented and minority communities, particularly young people, in democracy and across civil society. The Patchwork Foundation does this by supporting and equipping young people with the fundamental skills and experience required to inspire dynamic engagement and to prevail within politics and industry. The cohort of young people shall take part in a range of sessions; tutored by Members of Parliament, senior civil servants, government ministers, and distinguished journalists. The programme shall cover a series of themes including leadership, media and journalism, campaigning and policymaking.

Algbra, in its quest to build a balanced world, is committed to undertaking a systemic approach to tackle issues preventing the full economic and social progress of underserved and minority communities across society.

The Patchwork Foundation and Algbra – in this natural partnership – will invest in a new generation of leaders that will possess advanced financial literacy; that will deeply understand and promote inclusion and diversity across sectors, and that will become a new class of informed policymakers who create enabling environments for social and financial inclusion.

Imran Sanaullah MBE, Chief Executive, Patchwork Foundation said:

“We are thrilled to have Algbra on board with us bringing together two organisations at the forefront of new ideas seeking to create a better and more inclusive society. We look forward to continuing to strengthen this partnership and inspiring the next generation of leaders bringing a greater financial inclusion dimension to our work.”

Zeiad Idris, CEO of Algbra said:

“Partnering with the Patchwork Foundation is a good start to demonstrate Algbra’s commitment to taking a systemic approach to financial inclusion; both organisations share a core set of values and both are working hard to create a new and more inclusive landscape for future generations. We see this as just the beginning and look forward to continuing our relationship and building something for the long-term.”

If you would like to discover more about the partnership and the latest activities, please visit the websites below.



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